About Joeys
Joey’s World, established in Sydney 2002, has earnt its respected and trusted household name in the online retail sector. Resulting from our dedication to hard work to procure and create unique and exclusive quality products for the Australian Consumer, who relies heavily on the online marketplace to provide products at very competitive prices. 

We invent and manufacture our own products which are exclusive to Joey’s World. We have a wide array of products which cannot be found anywhere else. The products range from computers, electronics and state-of-the-art gadgets all the way through to specialised items such as fashion accessories for your pet.

We have based our outstanding reputation on the highest standards of professionalism and expertise in the auctioning of all types of merchandise; industrial, commercial, and private.

We recognise our customers are the foundation of our business and we endeavour to exceed customer expectations. We pride ourselves in our response time to product inquiry and customer service issues. We  make our payment process as effortless as possible and items are posted immediately after payment.

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Beacon Car PC

In an era where cloud computing has gained popularity and has evolved to such an extent that it has become not only a practical but also a preferred solution, the next and only logical step is to utilise this technology for a truly safe mobile experience for the car.

The Beacon CPC-5000 puts a hosted solution in addition to millions of applications at your fingertips when you need them the most.
Using mobile devices while driving has become prohibited by way of law in many major cities, and for obvious safety reasons this decree appears to be trending. For more information, Click HERE to download the brochure which contains a comprehensive list of product features.

JWE Surveillance Cameras

This is beyond doubt a high level security system  and total peace of mind made effortless, for you and your business wherever you are. Offering total freedom, the camera is equipped with micro-servo motors which can pan and tilt the lens, thus giving you the full picture of what is happening in your home, office or place of business even while you are away. Installation is made simple through the use of WiFi certified Technology, in addition to multiple power options.

The product is fully backed by a full 3 year warranty when installation is carried out by a Joey's World authorised installer, our support centre is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week... within Australia.
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Meet The Team
  1. Karina
    At Joey's World we are cognisant of the fact that the total happiness of our Customers is tantamount to the success of our business, our friendly customer service staff is always happy to help.
  2. Joey
    Joey is the prophet poet and a brilliant mind. His dedication, professionalism and passion to invent, create and to bring a new idea to life at least once a week, makes affordable prices a reality.
  3. Sarah
    Sourcing only the finest quality materials and products is something we never ever compromise on, along with our dedicated research, development and procurement personnel, who is readily available.